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How to Keep Running and Train Smart with an Achilles Injury

So you have a race coming up but have an Achilles injury or maybe you’ve had surgery for an Achilles rupture. You decide you’re going to continue running/training despite the pain. There’s definitely a smart way to train through an injury but you need to be methodical in your approach.

Check out the video for some tips on how to train the smart way! Before, during and after each run: 1) Check range of motion (I like to use downward dog pose from yoga or “knee to wall” drill 2) Pain before, during and after run is 3) Strength/Power: can you perform 20-30 heel raises or single leg hops with 4) Inspect for swelling and tenderness to touch

Be your own detective! If you need help, go see a physio or Physical therapist who actually RUNS 🏃‍♀️ to help you through the injury to get you to race day! #thebulletproofrunner#runinjuries#marathon-training #marathon #triathlon#triathletes#runners#achilles#calfstrain#calfpain#raceday