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Real Patients, Real Stories, Real Results

Nothing makes our job more rewarding than seeing our patients & Bulletproof Runner clients achieve their RUN goals:

1) 47 year old patient “GF” ran his 1st 50 miler with ZERO knee pain and now has his sights on a 100 mile run for his 50th birthday

2) Bulletproof Runner “AS” ran her 1st marathon this weekend and it was “the best my body has felt on a run in a long time”.

3) “MA” recovered from diastasis recti, back/knee pain and an Organ Transplant to run/walk a 15k in her hometown.

Real patients, real stories and real results. Thank you for trusting us with your care. We celebrate your wins on #motivationmonday!! Well done 👏 #results#goals#thebulletproofrunner#painfreerunningit’s a thing. #runsmart#racebling