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What a fun run @brazenracing summer breeze half marathon! Got a PR of 1:54 for trail half marathon (it was fast and flat). I only ran 2x/wk and total mileage was less than 19 mi./wk. Most importantly, I finished feeling strong and was able to take my daughter to 2 birthday parties after! You don't need to run endless miles to have a good race!

Are you hobbling/limping after a training run or a race? I treat injured runners all the time and there are 3 main reasons that I see are a problem:

1) training error- they just run too much (like everyday) or run too fast or too many hills, didn't ease back into running after a break

2) they have a mismatch of load and capacity- their body just doesn't have the capacity to withstand 3-5x their bodyweight on one leg (because that's what running is- jumping and landing on 1 leg repeatedly for thousands of steps!) and

3) poor run form- which is dictated by habits, how you train (i.e. weights, foam rolling, stretching) and what kind of mobility and motor control/stability your body brings to the table.

If you struggle with your run or simply want to improve your run times and/or be injury resistant, join "The Bulletproof Runner's Boot Camp." Email for more info. #prehabbeatsrehab #thebulletproofrunner #runners #trailrunning#halfmarathon

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